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About Us

Megastar company

The “MEGA STAR” Ltd. is a specialized Latvian company, capable to perform a full complex of tasks in the field of industrial and commercial refrigeration, as well as air conditioning systems. Our company follows precisely the requirements of the customers during the performing of works using an intelligent approach in pricing. We execute the preparation of options and grading of the refrigeration equipment, as well as offer attendance on site. 

The selection of equipment is performed in accordance with the individual demands of the customer; such approach allows long-term exploitation and functioning of refrigeration units even at special climatic conditions (from -40°C to +50°).

Our company provides a full spectrum of services in consulting, design, grading, mounting and repairing, as well as offers service and after-warranty maintenance.

Our experts in the field of industrial and commercial refrigeration will help You solve storage, cooling and freezing questions for any kind of products, using most modern and innovative developments in the corresponding field.

Our Services

Our company provides a full range of services in consulting , design, integration , installation and repair , and also performs service and after-sales service. .

Experts in the field of industrial and commercial refrigeration to help you solve your storage problems , cooling and freezing of any products using the latest innovations in this area.


We are providing retail refrigeration units for shops...


We supply and install industrial equipment, refrigerators...


We provide consulting, design, installation, repair and maintenance of air conditioners...