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Company “MEGA STAR” offers services for repair and maintenance of industrial and commercial refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

Service division of the company – a close-knit team of professionals to successfully solve any problems related to the maintenance , diagnosis and repair of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment .

We guarantee our customers the highest quality of the work, because we have extensive experience in repair and servicing facilities for any purpose , different levels of complexity and responsibility.

To save acquired refrigeration equipment in working condition and advance warning system failures , requires a special service of refrigeration equipment .

Uncontrolled exploitation of refrigeration equipment almost always leads to serious damage and malfunctions , and , as a consequence, high material costs . To avoid these troubles , it is necessary to carry out the mandatory maintenance of refrigeration equipment , comply with all requirements and recommendations for use.

Company “MEGA STAR” will help you significantly save money and ensure maximum uptime of your refrigeration equipment.