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The company “MEGA STAR” delivers doors for refrigerated cabinets, warehouses and process compartments of highest quality.

The assortment includes the following types of doors:

  • Hinged doors.
  • Hinged bicuspid doors.
  • Sliding doors (with/without electric drive).
  • Sliding bicuspid doors (with/without electric drive).
  • Swing doors (with a through-passage, flip-flop).
  • Swing bicuspid doors (with a through-passage, flip-flop).
  • Industrial doors (for technological and process rooms and compartments).
  • PVC curtains (plastic curtains, PCV veils).

All mentioned types can be produced regarding the temperature regimen adopted, in accordance with the technical requirements of the customer. Low temperature doors are provided with a tan for heating of the door circuit, protecting the body of the door from freezing together with the contour.

The doors can be manufactured of any size and with different properties, which allows to state, that every customer will find the most appropriate type of door corresponding to the requirements.

Any type of doors (refrigeration doors, doors for process compartments, industrial doors) can be produced from a zinc-coated and colored steel, as well as stainless steel of different variations.