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The chambers of intensive cooling, delivered by the company “MEGA STAR”, are designed for fast and effective cooling of all possible types of products. Such cooling in the units for intensive processing has a row of advantages in comparison with the slow process, characteristic for common chambers for general purposes.

The effective cooling is provided in the range of temperatures form +95 °C up to +3 °C. The product leaves the chamber in a dry and cooled form, which allows it to be delivered at once for packaging.

The products in short terms, and what is more important – equally, are cooled till the predetermined temperature values on all levels of the chamber. Fast drop of temperature prevents the development of bacteria and the losses of moisture. Color, taste, aroma and other important qualities are preserved in the products. The result leads to prolonging of expiration dates due to fast processing.

The chamber of intensive cooling performs the crucial stage of the manufacturing cycle of production of food.