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One of the foreground activities of our company “MEGA STAR” is the design, construction and mounting of refrigeration warehouses, refrigeration chambers and cooling systems of high quality, different sizes, volumes and configurations, for the storage of goods and products at medium and low temperatures.

The refrigeration warehouses and chambers from sandwich panels are widely used by manufacturing companies, retail enterprises, logistic (distribution) centers, food and pharmaceutical product warehouses.

We offer our customers complex solutions:

  • Design, construction and mounting of a refrigeration warehouses or chambers.
  • The delivery of sandwich panels.
  • The delivery of doors for cold storages.
  • The selection and installation of refrigeration equipment.
  • Reconstruction and modernization of the existing objects.
  • Warranty and post – warranty technical maintenance.

In addition our company offers monitoring systems for remote operation and control after the refrigeration equipment of any level of complexity.

All materials and refrigeration equipment, used during the construction of refrigeration warehouses and chambers are allowed and verified to be used in food industry by the sanitary service and have the required certificates.