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Company “MEGA STAR” provides the delivery of sandwich panels with different fillers, of any thickness, length and color.

Sandwich panels are a modern construction material with unique qualities. This design consists of two profiled colored sheets, between which is placed a thermal insulating layer from polyurethane foam, styrofoam or mineral wool.

Sandwich panels have a big margin of safety, but the lesser weight allows to considerably reducing the costs of transportation, loading and mounting of the construction.

Sandwich panels appeal for construction of different fast mounted buildings: cooling and refrigeration chambers, refrigeration warehouses for storage of different kinds of products, warehouses and hangars.

The field of use of the mentioned construction material is very wide. Wall sandwich panels are used for the sheathing of the carcass of buildings. Roofing sandwich panels are specially designed to form the roofs of the buildings.

In comparison with other construction materials sandwich panels have a series of advantages:

  • Reduced expenses on construction from sandwich panels.
  • Lesser terms of mounting.
  • High thermal insulation values.
  • High sound insulation values.
  • Small weight.
  • Stability to temperature fluctuations.
  • The longevity of objects, constructed from sandwich panels.
  • Sustainability and the correspondence to sanitary norms.
  • Modern design and a wide palette of colors.
  • The possibility of easy dismounting.
  • The possibility to replace panels in case of damage.